Shea Karbon

Meet Shea Karbon

Shea Karbon has a deep affection for her alma mater and she's excited to share her knowledge of all things Trine with prospective students. Shea is an elementary education major and graduated from Trine in May 2012.

"I love how close and tightly connected the Trine community is," Shea says. "As a student, the faculty and staff make you feel welcomed and at home." That's a message she hopes to drive home to those who consider Trine because she knows it's one factor that sets the university apart from other schools.

While at Trine, Shea enjoyed playing intramural sports as a carryover from her high school days when she played softball. She enjoys listening to country music, visiting museums and reading about history -- an appreciation she attributes to her high school history teacher.

Regardless of what prospective students have in common with Shea, she's sure to share her personal experiences and knowledge to help students explore the rigorous academic programs and entertaining activities at Trine - It's A Trine thing.

Shea Karbon 
Admission Counselor 
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