Amy Newell

Meet Amy Newell

Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Chemistry
Graduation Year: 2015
Hometown: Three Rivers, MI

Why did you choose Trine University?

  • Academic / Athletic combination (I was on a Division I athletic scholarship which took away from my goals of earning an engineering degree)
  • Chemical Engineering program
  • Ability to play two sports (basketball and softball)
  • Great atmosphere
  • New housing opportunities

What is your favorite place on campus?

Hershey Hall and the University Center.

What is your favorite place in Angola?

Buffalo Wild Wings.

What is one thing you wish you knew about the transfer process that you know now?

The faculty that assists with transfer students is a great resource and will answer any questions that may arise. They are there to help you!

Is there anything about your transfer experience that you would change or do differently?

I wish I would have kept in better contact with the transfer admissions faculty during the summer of my transfer because I had a lot of questions, but didn't ask. Everything worked out great, regardless.

What clubs/organizations are you involved with?

  • Trine University Student Ambassador
  • Honors College member
  • National Chemical Engineering Honor Society, Omega Chi Epsilon, member
  • Trine University Student Athlete Advisory Committee member
  • Softball and basketball team member

Why did you choose to become a Mentor/Ambassador for prospect Transfer Students?

Transferring was a stressful process for me, and I know if I had been in contact with someone who had been in my same situation, I would have been grateful! Phone: 269.506.7907