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Winter 2017

Trine University Winter Magazine 22017

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Summer 2016

Trine University Summer Magazine 2016

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Winter 2016

Trine University Winter Magazine 2016

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Spring 2015

Trine Magazine Spring 2015

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Summer 2014

Trine Magazine Summer 2014

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Winter 2013-14

Trine Magazine Winter 2013-14

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Spring 2013

Trine Magazine 2013

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Summer 2012

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Winter 2011-2012

Trine Magazine Winter 2011-2012

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Retraction: We greatly regret an error that appeared in the Engineering Publication and Winter 2011 Trine Magazine hard copies. A photo of the recently dedicated Rinker-Ross Memorial Foundation Biology Lab in Best Hall appeared on the back page, but was referred to as the Ross-Rinker Memorial Foundation Biology Lab. We extend our apologies to Dr. James Ross Rinker, a member of the Trine Legacy Society and a 1958 business administration graduate, who has committed to establishing capital equipment endowments through his estate and the foundation for the benefit of Trine’s pre-medical, biomedical engineering, physical therapy and performing arts programs. The changes have been made on all online versions.

Summer 2011

Trine Magazine Summer 2011-2012

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Winter 2010-11

Trine Magazine Winter 2010-2011

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Summer 2010

Trine Magazine Summe 2010

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Winter 2010

Trine Magazine Winter 2010

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Summer 2009

Trine Magazine Summer 2009

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Winter 2009

Trine Magazine Winter 2009

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Winter 2008

Discover Magazine Winter 2008

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Trine Engineering Publication

Fall 2014

 Engineering Publication 2014

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Fall 2013

Engineering magazine cover fall 2013

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Fall 2012

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Fall 2011

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