Dina Samora

dina-samoraDina Samora (Ed.D)

Ed.D- Doctor of Education in Leadership

Dr. Dina Samora found her fervor for life well-suited to the world of higher learning, so she changed from corporate and nonprofit leadership to pursue a doctoral degree where her expertise connects with academics and the study of leadership. With over 30 years of proficient direction and management experience, Dina’s work in higher education includes the dean’s office,  curriculum development, professor, student advocate, and now the honor of Program Chair, Dissertation Chair, and IRB Chair. Dina has also served adults with mental challenges in her local community, flourished as a local pastor/counselor for over 20 years, and mentored doctoral students as they conducted their research in both education and business. Dina also serves within a local ministry to provide food and necessities for those in need and is currently in training for disaster preparedness. She plays guitar and piano, enjoys the outdoors, and thrives on making a difference in the lives of others. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Management, an MBA, and an Ed.D in Leadership. Dina’s research interests include Transactional Distance, Learning Technology, Online Faculty Presence, Nonprofit Administration, Leadership, Educational Leadership, Small Business Management, Generations in Business, and Online Adaptive Learning. Her greatest reward is to support students in their learning.