Saanie Sulley (Ph.D.)

sulley-saanieSaanie Sulley (Ph.D.)


Saanie Sulley, a dedicated educator and innovator, is passionate about mentoring students and researchers to develop groundbreaking products that enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Saanie's enthusiasm for emerging technologies and their applications in health and biomedical informatics forms the cornerstone of their teaching philosophy.

Believing in the transformative power of stepping out of one's comfort zone, Saanie encourages students to approach learning with an open mind and vigorous curiosity. The goal is to guide each student in discovering and honing their unique potential within the field.

Recognizing the importance of understanding foundational concepts, Saanie emphasizes fostering a dynamic and enthusiastic learning environment. By integrating students into ongoing projects, the aim is to provide a tangible understanding of how core principles manifest in real-world scenarios.

Saanie is excited about the opportunity to contribute to and grow with the Trine community, where they can share their knowledge, experiences, and passion for innovation in health technology.