Sharon Willey

Sharon Willey

Trine University - RN to BSN program

ASN, Floyd Community College; BSN, Ball State University; MSN, Indiana Wesleyan University; DNP, Walden University

260.665.4842 | email

I started my career in nursing step-by-step, one degree at a time. After graduating from a community college in Georgia with my ASN in Nursing, I worked as a RN for 10 years before returning to obtain my BSN. It was during my BSN program that it all came together for me and I realized I loved teaching. A couple years later, I started my MSN program and went to work for a local community college. There I was able to teach students on the same degree path as I was. 

After I obtained my doctorate in nursing, I knew I needed to help inspire those same students to keep moving upward in their career. Trine University is offering the opportunity to help ASN nurses fulfill their professional goals, and I am excited to be a part of that journey.

My other passion is gardening. I love my flowers! My husband Jim and I travel frequently and make it a goal to go somewhere new every year. Always be curious and ask why! My plants keep me grounded and traveling opens my mind.