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The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Informatics offered through the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Trine University will prepare students for high level positions in the healthcare industry by exposing students to various topics in health informatics, including: health data collection, management, processing, storage, analysis, and development of new products. Additionally, students will develop their healthcare informatics skills by using tools such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), the latest advances in Health Information Technologies (HIT), and Health Information Privacy and Health Data Security. The certificate program will prepare students to advance in the workforce or to pursue a master’s program, such as a Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare arena, data-driven decisions are revolutionizing healthcare, the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Informatics from Trine University serves as an opportunity to becoming an influential player in the evolving landscape of the healthcare industry. This program not only imparts skills in the emerging field of healthcare informatics but also nurtures the capability to revolutionize healthcare through informed and innovative strategies. By choosing this certificate, you are not just opting for a course but stepping into a role where you can be a harbinger of change, where your actions and insights can potentially influence positive health outcomes for communities and organizations. 


With the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Informatics from Trine University, individuals will be strategically positioned to further their careers within the fast-evolving healthcare sector. This certificate equips professionals with the critical skills to play pivotal roles in various healthcare organizations, harnessing the power of data to inform decision-making and enhance healthcare delivery. The certificate program can serve as a stepping stone to a range of promising opportunities, facilitating growth and specialization in a sector that continues to grow in complexity and importance. It provides a comprehensive grounding that blends technical expertise with an understanding of healthcare dynamics, readying graduates for diverse roles in the healthcare industry based on experience. 

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Students may use 3-12 credit hours of course work in this certificate to count towards a future Master of Science degree in one of the following areas: Business Administration (3 credit hours), Business Analytics (9 credit hours), Information Systems (6 credit hours), Engineering Management (3 credit hours).

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Healthcare Informatics Certificate


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