Our Team

Lindsay Omlor

Executive Director of Charter Schools

Committed to eliminating inequitable systems in education so that success is no longer predictable by social, cultural, and/or economic factors, Lindsay has dedicated her career to ensuring that all students have access to high-quality and innovative educational opportunities.  As a charter school authorizer, Lindsay is responsible for creating rigorous processes for monitoring and oversight, with an intentional focus on developing unbiased systems to measure student outcomes.  Recognized in 2012 as the Indiana/Michigan/Ohio Regional Teacher of the Year, Omlor is passionate about promoting students’ intellectual and moral development.  She is a fierce advocate for the high academic achievement of all students, particularly the most isolated, marginalized, and impoverished children and families. Lindsay earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University and went on to obtain a Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision.  She previously served as an elementary school administrator, and Regional Academic Growth Coordinator for schools throughout Indiana and Ohio, where she worked to help high-poverty schools close the achievement gap.  Lindsay currently resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She has three young children, and in her spare time enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time with family and friends.

Emily Gaskill

Assistant Director of Accountability

Emily has established a career centered on ensuring families and students are provided with quality educational opportunities.  She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Ball State University, which afforded her the ability to work as a reading teacher and then kindergarten teacher. She then received a Master’s of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University,  providing her the opportunity to serve as an Instructional Data Coach and Regional Academic Director in schools throughout Indiana and Ohio.  As Education One’s Assistant Director of Accountability, Emily collaborates with school leadership teams and board members to support schools in meeting the various academic, financial, and governance goals set forth in their charter agreements.  Much of her experience and passion centers on utilizing qualitative and quantitative data to create intentional plans for improvement to close any and all achievement gaps.  Emily currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband and daughter.  In her spare time, Emily enjoys cycling and strength training, reading mystery novels, and spending time with her family and friends.


Amanda Webb

Academic Support Specialist

Amanda has focused her career on building educational experiences that equip students with transferable skills to support student success after high school.  Amanda received her Bachelor’s of Art in Secondary Education and then Master’s of Art in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Amanda’s values of high expectations and life-long learning led to her participation in several local and regional leadership groups during her years teaching high school before accepting the position of principal at her home district. With a focus on whole-child learning experiences, Amanda’s leadership centers on best practice, technological integration, and SEL.  As Education One’s Academic Support Specialist, Amanda works with the Accountability team to identify trends, strengths, and shortcomings of schools, based on quantitative and qualitative data, to provide schools with academic supports and resources.  In addition, Amanda works to support monitoring and oversight of all Education One sponsored schools through detailed review of monthly reporting requirements and accountability documents. Amanda is committed to helping ensure student success!  Amanda currently lives in Quincy, Michigan with her husband and fur child, Hurley. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys being outside on the lake, going up north for snowmobiling, and listening to podcasts.

Caitlin Hicks
Caitlin Hicks

Assistant Director of Graduation Pathways and Compliance

Caitlin is an accomplished educator with a passion for fostering student growth and empowering young minds. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Ball State University and a Language Arts licensure for grades 5-12, she brings a strong academic foundation to her role as an educator. Caitlin’s dedication to providing equal access to educational opportunities is a cornerstone of her teaching philosophy. She believes in tailoring instruction to meet the diverse needs of students, ensuring that each individual has the tools and support necessary to thrive academically and personally. As Education One’s Assistant Director of Graduation Pathways and Compliance, Caitlin collaborates with schools to provide students with educational experiences that enhance their learning and allow for student success. Caitlin’s passion and commitment for ensuring students have access to high quality educational opportunities allows her to bridge the gap between K-12 schools and the university in this role. Caitlin currently resides in Avilla, Indiana with her husband. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.