Partnership Opportunities

Education One recognizes the wealth of resources being a part of a larger campus culture provides us.  We view this as an opportunity to provide resources to our schools to enhance and benefit experiences for our students and charter school staff.  There are a variety of ways we partner and collaborate with our schools, including but not limited to:

Education One High School Campus Visits
Education One Campus Visits

We love having students visit our campus to gain exposure to college life and learn about all aspects of the university experience. In order to ensure our Education One sponsored schools have the best visit, we partner with different groups on campus to provide relevant and engaging experiences, tailored to the individual needs of our schools.   

For our elementary and middle school students, we offer a variety of innovative and exciting visit opportunities. Students can elect to participate in STEM camps, work in our Makerspace, visit with a Trine student mentor, and so much more!

For our high schools, we schedule campus visit days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. During these visits, high school students will participate in a traditional campus tour where they get to see all areas of our campus, interact in an academic setting, and receive valuable information regarding FAFSA, scholarships and next steps from our knowledgeable campus admissions team. We also provide specialized visits for our schools. These visits allow for a more personalized experience that focus on a specific college pathway students may be interested in.

We anticipate continuing to increase our partnership offerings in the coming years, in order to ensure students have authentic and positive exposure to university life.  However, if your school has unique needs or new ideas for an engaging campus visit experience, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.   Be sure to fill out the Education One High School Campus Visits Form to schedule your visit today by visiting the section entitled 'Partnership Requests'!

Transition to Teaching
Transition to Teaching

Trine University offers a 10-month Transition to Teaching program for charter school employees who would like to become licensed teachers. The program is designed with month-long courses structured around the work teacher candidates are currently doing or will be doing in their future classrooms.  All coursework is tied to REPA standards and outcomes, and is conducted online, through the completion of modules and attendance (via zoom) at two monthly meetings with your assigned cohort. Education One oversees the statewide charter school cohort in partnership with the Trine University Franks School of Education.  For more information, please contact:  Caitlin Hicks

Direct Admission
Instant Admission

Trine University and Education One are excited to offer Instant Admission to our Education One charter schools. Through our Instant Admission program, students have access to over 20 free dual enrollment courses. Upon completion of dual enrollment courses, students are eligible for dual enrollment scholarships to use at Trine University upon becoming a full-time degree seeking student. Instant Admission to Trine University will be offered to all students that meet the necessary requirements. Our Instant Admission program also has a co-branded school scholarship that is awarded annually to each school. We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to our schools! For more information, please contact: Caitlin Hicks

Internship/Job Potential
Internship and Job Placement

At Trine University, it is our goal to ensure undergraduate students receive access to diverse internship and/or job opportunities by partnering with our Education One public charter schools. The Career Center and the Franks School of Education collaborate with Education One to provide unique and diverse internship and job opportunities across the state of Indiana.  For more information on the unique internship/job placement opportunities that exist, please contact:  Alexandra Lung

University Partnerships
University Partnerships 

Education One partners with university student organizations, Greek life, athletic offices, etc. to provide resources to our K-12 charter schools that align with their unique needs. Our partnerships through Trine University provide benefits to all stakeholders involved. These include, but are not limited to, clothing drives, donation of school supplies/materials, campus field trips, extra-curricular fundraising, and academic support. If you are interested in partnerships through Education One, fill out the Partnerships Request form.