Monitoring and Oversight

In addition to meeting state and federal accountability requirements in the state of Indiana, charter schools must also meet the conditions of their charter. The Accountability Plan Performance Framework (APPF) outlines the performance indicators that represent the outcomes needed for student success and charter renewal. The APPF is organized into the following key areas of performance:

  • Academic Performance
  • Financial Performance
  • Organizational Performance

Education One evaluates these three areas by collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, reviewing documents and reports submitted by the school, conducting routine site visits, and examining stakeholder satisfaction surveys. Evidence of meeting standards in each performance indicator is collected throughout the school year and reported to the school’s Board of Directors and leadership team during routinely scheduled board meetings. Through continuous monitoring, Education One is able to identify trends in data overtime, address key areas of concern, and highlight success on a more frequent basis. While the process involves a significant time commitment, Education One believes that this high level of accountability, coupled with strong partnership, collaboration, and support, allows the school to best meet the needs of the students and families it serves. A sample of the Accountability Plan Performance Framework can be found here.

An Annual Review of each school is conducted each year throughout the school’s charter term to assess the overall effectiveness according to the measures outlined in the Accountability Plan Performance Framework. This report is shared during the school’s public board meeting at the end of the school year and posted to Education One’s website. Quantitative and qualitative data is collected from the following:


Based on individual school’s academic results, members from the Education One team complete classroom walk-throughs on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis. Observations focus on research based, instructional best practices. Data collected on the school’s overall academic effectiveness and shared with the school’s leadership team to drive possible next steps based on the school’s overall instructional rating.
In an effort to support school autonomy and further collaborate with its schools, Education One conducts Academic Support Checks. The frequency and level of support provided is determined by the school’s academic outcomes. During these checks, members of the Education One Team collaborate with members of the school’s leadership team on school specific initiatives and programming, and monitor progress towards goals. Education One, as a university authorizer, strives to provide resources to the school, if requested.
Education One conducts Special Education and English Learner compliance checks to monitor the overall effectiveness of the school’s implementation of individualized plans, instructional strategies, and discipline procedures to ensure the needs of these student populations are being met. Quarterly desktop monitoring of required documentation and on-site observation of services is conducted during each compliance check.
Education One collects and reviews quarterly financial data as well as annual financial audits. Each school’s annual audit can be viewed on the Indiana State Board of Accounts website, found here.
Education One recognizes the importance of collaboration at the board level and attends all regularly scheduled monthly board meetings. A representative from the Education One team presents monthly accountability updates tied to the school’s Accountability Plan Performance Framework goals in the areas of academic, financial, and organizational performance.
Each school is responsible for timely submissions of monthly reporting requirements throughout the school year. A sample of the required documentation can be found here.