Start Fall 2020 on time.

Planning to begin your college career this fall?  Let us help you!  Trine University has created three options for international students wishing to get a US degree:

Welcome to Trine University



Message from Dean of Engineering & Computing

Message from Assistant VP of TrineOnline

1) Study in the U.S. -  If all is well and you are confident about beginning your studies in the United States, we welcome you to join us on campus in August 2020.

2) Start Online... continue in U.S. -  Some students and families may be uncertain about traveling internationally this coming fall.  If that is your situation, but you wish to begin your degree on time, you can begin your first semester online.  Once things are settled, we will work to process your I-20 and will be ready to welcome you to the US and Trine University!

3) Online Degree - Some students may wish to have a U.S. degree, but cannot commit to leaving their country.  If this is you, let us welcome you to TrineOnline