Campus Housing

Students playing games in the lounge

A little bit of luxury never hurt anyone. And let’s face it, college is hard. So it’s nice to be able to study and relax in comfort. From the newly built Golf Course Apartments to the townhouse-style villas of Campus Village, it’s easy to see why Trine undergraduate students are excited about on-campus living. Our new student apartments make dormitory-style living a thing of the past. And everyone—not just seniors—can enjoy our new facilities.

Our Mission

Living on campus is one of the most significant experiences students will have at Trine University. Traditionally, students spend more time in their residential community than anywhere else on campus. In their new homes they are challenged and educated by the diversity in thought as well as the cultural and intellectual exchange that surrounds them daily.

By choosing on campus housing, students will join a community to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to make new friends, develop an appreciation and respect for differences and learn important skills that will help personal and professional relationships through college and beyond.

Exceptional Communities 

Check out any college or university across the country and you’re unlikely to find another that has campus-owned apartments with views of a golf course, fireplaces in the student lounges, and laundry facilities in your own apartment complex. At Trine, you will. And you’ll live in a community of your peers, where you’ll be in the midst of campus activities—from Library Putt-Putt to sand volleyball and more. 

Start Living in Luxury

Over the past decade alone, we’ve spent more than $176 million on renovations and new facilities across campus, including student housing. With more than 10 options—from the Golf Course Apartments to Moss Street Apartments to Reiners Hall—Trine’s campus housing facilities can be described in one word: exceptional.

That's just part of what it's like living at Trine University. And it's why we take so much pride in the experience we offer.

Learn about housing requirements and the selection process.