Student Success and Support

Student being taught by professor

The College of Health Professions provides students with support services to assist you as you complete your degree. Library services, academic advising and and the Academic Success Center are just some of the ways we help you make your academic journey a success. Even after you graduate, our career counselors are available to help you find career opportunities.

Academic Advising

At the beginning of your program, you will be assigned an academic advisor to help guide you through your program. You will meet with your advisor at least once during each program phase, but more frequently if you choose to. You also have access to Trine's Academic Success Center, with a variety of services to assist you. Learn more about the Academic Success Center

Career Services

Career Services can meet with you in person, through a phone call or virtual meeting or through email. You don't have to be on the Angola campus to get the benefits of their expertise. Learn more about our Career Services office.

Library Services

The College of Health Professions has a Learning Resource Center with collections of current texts, journals, periodicals and reference materials application and related to the curriculum and continued professional growth in your field. Various items are kept on reserve at the LRC for on-premise use only. Interlibrary exchange is available via interlibrary loans (ILL) from the main Trine University library and  will be delivered and/or returned as needed. Additional materials are available online for student use. Visit Trine's library. Login using your Trine credentials (email and password).

IT Services

Trine's Information Technology Services is available to assist you with your technology needs.
Learn more about our IT Services


It can seem difficult at times to make the right connection and find the help you need. TrineCares is a one-stop source for commonly accessed resources and can help point you in the right direction. Never hesitate to seek advice or ask questions- we are all here to help!