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Globetrotting free-spirit who teaches from her own experiences

Brandy DePriestBrandy DePriest

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences

B.A. English and French literature, University of Louisville; M.A., Xavier University; Ph.D. Indiana Institute of Technology

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Brandy has been a full-time faculty member in the Department of Humanities and Communication at Trine University since 2007. As a professor of Business Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Film, she enjoys engaging students in community outreach and cultural perspective travel opportunities. With undergraduate degrees in English and French Literature (University of Louisville) and a Master’s degree in Humanities (Xavier University), she engages in research and practice surrounding social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Her cultural studies background led her to pursue a Ph.D. in Global Leadership (Indiana Institute of Technology), in which she specialized in environmental communication and the influence of systems thinking on cultural norms.

Fusing her academic and professional goals has been an adventure for Brandy, who is director of the Art Eberhardt Environmental and Community Outreach Center, as well as faculty advisor to the Trine student environmental group, S.P.E.A.K. for the Earth. She also chairs the Campus Tree Board, which ensures the university’s Tree Campus USA certification through the Indiana DNR and National Arbor Day Foundation. Her academic and professional interests are extensions of her personal life, as she loves to get both into the woods and out in the community with her three daughters, who share her passion for people and planet.