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Cost and Investment

Tuition and Fees

Whether you're a full-time traditional student, an online student, or you attend one of our education centers, knowing the cost of attendance is crucial to keep track of your expected aid and tuition. See costs below for:

Undergraduate (main campus)  |  Dual Enrollment
Surgical Technology  |  Summer
Master of Physician Assistant Studies  |  Doctor of Physical Therapy
International Undergraduate/Bachelor  | International Graduate/Master


Undergraduate - Main Campus

Fall/Spring Annual Costs
**The average financial aid package awarded from all sources last year was $33,046 per student.**

  2019 - 2020
(costs per academic year unless noted)
Full-Time Tuition (based on 12-18 credit hours/semester)  $32,330
Full-Time Engineering Tuition (based on 12-18 credit hours/semester)  $34,880
Part-Time Tuition / Overload  $1,060/credit hour
Part-Time Engineering Tuition / Overload $1,140/credit hour
Engineering / Science fee
(required for all engineering, science, and health science majors)
Student fee  $320
Health and Wellness fee*  $160
Parking Permit fee**  $120
Audit fee***  $530/credit hour
Apartment  $6,550
Residence hall, traditional  $5,170
Residence hall, traditional/air conditioned  $5,350
Villa (restrictions apply)  $7,300
Meal Plans  
19 meals/week  $4,560
10 meals/week  $4,080
Villa/Commuter, 50 meals/semester (restrictions apply)  $820
*The Health and Wellness fee is mandatory for all undergraduate students. This allows students free office visits and access to wellness programs at our Health Center located on campus throughout the year – this is NOT health insurance.
** ALL students are charged the parking permit fee, unless a waiver is completed on myPortal. The deadline to waive for the 2019-2020 academic year is September 9, 2019. 
***Audit fees only apply to full or part-time students auditing classes.

Summer 2019 Costs

  • Tuition - $400/credit hour
  • Engineering Tuition - $500/credit hour

Dual Enrollment

Semester Costs (2019 - 2020 academic year) 

  • Tuition for courses taken online - $50/credit hour
  • Tuition for courses taken at your high school - $25/credit hour
  • Tuition for courses taken at the Trine University campus - $95/credit hour

Associate of Science in Surgical Technology

(Health Sciences Education Center in Fort Wayne)

  Semesters Cost Fee
Class of 2021 Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020 $10,500/semester* $175/semester
*Students are responsible for housing, transportation and all travel costs while in the program.