Stephen Carr is an educator, a force in the power community, but first and foremost; a mentor

Stephen CarrStephen Carr

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering

& Computing

B.Sc., University of Ulster, United Kingdom; Ph.D., Queen′s University, United Kingdom

260.665.4189  |  email

Since joining the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering here at Trine University in 2003, I have been principally involved in developing the department′s electrical power and machines courses. I also teach the circuit analysis sequence of courses and occasionally controls and modeling. I also look to enhance our program by forming close connections with the power and electro-mechanics industries in northeast Indiana. My general academic interests are in engineering education, power distribution and electric traction.

I serve as the Allen School of Engineering & Computing representative on the Faculty Advisory Committee, and I advise students in the electrical engineering program. I work closely with the Admission Office in mentoring prospective students for the electrical engineering and engineering foundations programs. I take a keen interest in history in general and engineering history in particular, and try to use historical perspectives when teaching engineering.