Kinsey Cotton Kelly

Kinsey Cotton Kellykelly kinsey

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering & Computing
B.S./Ph.D. - Louisiana Tech University Postdoctoral Fellow - Feist-Weller Cancer Center, LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport
Office Location-SDI 325
260.665.4477  | email

During graduate school at Louisiana Tech University, I focused on tissue engineering with an emphasis in neuroscience. I also worked on several projects within the field of bionanotechnology and have two reports of invention from these projects. After graduate school, I spent a year and a half as a Postdoctoral Fellow for the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center at LSU Medical Center researching cancer therapeutics with high-throughput and high-content microscopy.

I made the switch to academia and spent five years at a liberal arts college in Louisiana teaching biophysics, physics, and general engineering courses. I loved teaching and developed a love for biomechanics and pedagogy techniques; however, the majority of my course load was outside of engineering, and I missed my field- biomedical engineering. I was really drawn to Trine due to their focus on education with “hands-on” student learning experiences, and in the 2019-2020 academic year, this Louisiana girl traded her mud boots for snow boots!

I love to learn and teach others, and I feel that everything we do in life is an educational opportunity if we open our hearts and minds to the experience. I hope to instill this love of learning in my students, as well as these two basic principles:

  1. We learn best from teaching others, and
  2. We learn best from our mistakes and failures than from our successes. 

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy quips and puns (especially intended), bantering with my husband and daughter, drawing and painting, watching anime and Korean and Mandarin dramas, reading 18th – 19th Century literature, making allergen-friendly recipes, and sleeping…especially, sleeping!