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Alexis Hopkins

Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2021

Alexis Hopkins

When I first started applying to graduate school, I was frustrated by the feeling that my whole academic experience up to that point was being measured by one thing, my GPA. I had hours and hours of valuable hands-on clinical experience, I was taking multiple science classes at the same time to graduate early, and no school would ever know any of this because I had a 3.5 GPA. I was told by my academic advisor that DPT programs would most likely weed me out of the first-round cuts without even opening my application.

"(Trine) saw past my GPA to a student who was passionate about helping people."- Alexis Hopkins

Then I heard about Trine University, and after speaking with them I knew I had found the school for me. They cared about my clinical experience and valued that I had attended a Big Ten university with a rigorous courseload. They saw past my GPA to a student who was passionate about helping people and was willing to work hard to become a medical professional. If you want a school that cares, the Trine University DPT program is the place for you.