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Your path to law school

While there is no single path to prepare for a legal education, the Bachelor of Arts in general studies with a concentration in pre-legal studies at Trine University is a strong option for students looking toward a career in law.

The degree: Develop in-demand skills

Law schools value a diverse student body and intentionally select students from a wide variety of undergraduate majors. Nevertheless, certain areas of study provide excellent preparation for the pre-law candidate. The American Bar Association's section on legal education recommends courses that teach the following core skills and values: analytic/problem-solving skills, critical reading, writing skills, oral communication, listening abilities, general research skills, task organization, management skills, and public service and the promotion of justice. Trine's pre-legal studies concentration is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop these skills and values.

The experience: Diverse disciplines

This pre-legal track teaches you to think critically, communicate effectively and pull together knowledge from many disciplines, demonstrating that you have the self-discipline and intelligence to work through a university-level program in a variety of subject areas.

Students in the general studies major may double major and are strongly encouraged to obtain a minor. The list of minors is impressive and includes communication, criminal justice, history and psychology. Advisors who are knowledgeable of other majors and minors can assist you in getting as much value as possible from your experience at Trine.

The results: Readiness for the next step

The Bachelor of Arts in general studies with a concentration in pre-legal studies provides you with:

  • Preparation for law school admission and a sound foundation for legal studies
  • A breadth and depth of the knowledge of social sciences
  • Understanding of the ethical behavior patterns demanded in professional conduct
  • Skills necessary for good citizenship

Trine University has partnerships with several law schools that allow students to receive concurrent credit at Trine for their first year of law school, providing an opportunity to earn a juris doctor in six years instead of seven.

Michael Hess, J.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice

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