Energy Engineering Minor

The minor curriculum is designed to prepare students for professional engineering careers  in both the traditional and renewable branches of the electrical energy industry or for graduate studies in the energy field. A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Energy Engineering minor - 27 hours (electrical engineering)

Course Requirements

Engineering Science courses (12)
ES 213 Statics (3)
ES 223 Dynamics (3)
ES 233 Engineering Materials (3)
ES 313 Thermodynamics (3)

Mechanical Engineering courses (3)
MAE 4023 System Dynamics
and Controls (3)

Electrical Engineering courses (12) 
ECE 213 Circuit Analysis OR
ES 253 Electrical Science (3)
ECE 303 Electrical Machines (3)
ECE 313 Electrical Power (3)
ECE 403 Direct Generation Techniques (3)

Total in minor program: 27 Hrs.