Leadership Minor

The qualities of a great leader are of great interest to those in the corporate world. The graduate of this Leadership minor program will gain the knowledge and skill set required to fill that role.  The program requires 27 credit hours.  Beyond those core classes the student has the flexibility to choose classes that fit their goals.

Course Requirements

LDR 203 Leadership Strengths and Skills 
LDR 303 Contemporary Leadership Theory & Practice 
LDR 403 Creativity, Innovation, and Influence 
LDR 433 Leadership Practicum 
PHL 313 Ethics 
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology 

Choose 9 credit hours from the following list:

BA 333 Social Media for Business
COM 213 Business Communication
COM 233 Intercultural Communication
COM 363 Persuasion and Argumentation
COM 413 Corporate and Organizational Communication
ENT 303 Entrepreneurial Leadership
GOV 343 American Political Thought
GOV 373 Political Psychology
MGT 313 Human Resource Management
MGT 333 Supervision
MGT 343 Human Resource Development
MGT 363 Organizational Behavior
MGT 413 Management of Quality
MGT 443 Managing Operations
MGT 453 Strategic Management
PSY 333 Principles of Personality
PSY 343 Social Psychology
PSY 373 Political Psychology
SM 313 Sport and Rec. Management
SM 393 Sport Psychology
SM 413 Organization and Administration of Athletics

Total Minor Program: 27 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.