Pouring metal

Metallurgical Engineering Minor

This minor is designed to prepare students for professional engineering careers that require specialized training in metallurgy or for graduate studies in the metallurgical engineering field. In addition to the standard mechanical engineering curriculum, you will take advanced engineering courses covering the topics of engineering metallurgy, metallurgical transport, metallurgical thermodynamics, physical metallurgy, and metal casting. You will also develop specialized lab skills utilizing Trine's scanning electron microscope, foundry laboratory, and metallurgy laboratory. While the minor is open to any student at Trine, those enrolled in the mechanical engineering or chemical engineering degree programs will find the required courses most accessible. Mechanical engineering students can complete both their major and minor in the standard 132 credit hour curriculum.

Those interested in the minor should contact Dr. Darryl Webber of the Wade Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Course Requirements

Science Course
CH 104 General Chemistry I or
CH 104H Honors General Chemistry I

Engineering Science Course
ES 233 Engineering Materials

Mathematics Course
MA 393 Probability and Statistics

Mechanical Engineering Courses
MAE 243 Mfg. Processes and Equipment
MAE 383 Metallurgical Thermodynamics
MAE 393 Metallurgical Transport
MAE 443 Engineering Metallurgy
MAE 4143 Physical Metallurgy
MAE 4193 Metal Casting

 Total: 28 Credit Hours