The field of robotics has been constantly growing for the last several decades. With industries struggling to keep costs down by implementing more automation, there is a strong desire to hire students with a background in robotics. The minor is designed to prepare students for professional engineering careers that require specialized training in robotics or for graduate studies in robotics. You will take specialized courses covering the topics of computer programming, electrical science, digital circuits, mechatronics, and engineering mechanics. You will also develop specialized electrical engineering lab skills. While the minor is open to any student at Trine, those enrolled in the mechanical engineering and electrical engineering programs will require no additional prerequisite courses and will be able to complete both their major and minor in the standard 132 credit hour curriculum.

This program is available to any student at Trine University. Those interested in the minor should contact Dr. Darryl Webber of the Wade Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

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Program Information


Robotics Minor


28 hours



Campus Location

Angola, IN