Software Engineering Minor

The software engineering minor is designed to teach the fundamental processes of software development, many of the popular programming languages, modern tools used in industry for professional software development, and an understanding of prevalent computer security issues.

Software engineering is a rapidly growing field with starting salaries well above other industry national averages. 

Course Requirements

Required CS Courses (15)
CS 1113 Object-Oriented Java Programming (3)
CS 1123 C++ and Object-Oriented Design  (3)
CS 2103 Algorithm Design and Analysis (3)
CS 2503 Software Engineering (3)
CS 3933 Software Analysis & Design (3)

Required Business Course(s) (3)
ENT 313 OR BA 123 Bus. Concepts (3)

Two CS Courses from 3/4000 Level (6)
CS 3303 Net-Centric Computing (3)
CS 3883 Computer Security (3)
CS 4033 Special Topics (3)
CS 4103 Adv. Software Development (3)

Total in Minor Program: 24 Credit Hours