Structural Engineering Minor

Structural engineering is traditionally viewed as a branch of civil engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures  to support or resist loads. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation to pursue graduate studies or a career in structural engineering and an understanding of the theory, behavior, and design of individual structural elements and structural systems.

Please contact Dr. Ryan Overton in Reiners Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering if you are interested in this program.

Course Requirements - 27 Credit Hours

Engineering Science Courses - 6 credit hours

ES 223 Dynamics (3)                      
ES  243 Solid Mechanics (3)

Structural Engineering Breadth Courses - 15 credit hours

CE 3203 Civil Engineering Materials (3)
CE 3201 Civil Eng. Materials Lab (1)
CE 3503 Structural Analysis (3)
CE 3501 Structural Analysis Lab (1)
CE 3523 Introduction to Structural Design  (3)
CE 3521 Structural Design Lab (1)
CE 4523 Advanced Structural Design (3)

Structural Engineering Depth Courses - 6 credit hours

Choose two of the following:
MAE 453 Mechanical Vibrations
CE 4553 Timber Design
CE 4563 Bridge Engineering
CE 4713 Foundation Engineering