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Engineering Design Expo

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Student Exhibits


Modular Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Highlight

The goal of this project is to build a 3D printed tubular heat exchanger and use it as part of a demonstration or teaching unit. Large portions of the exchanger were made from modular 3D printed material and so can be easily replaced and reconfigured. The exchanger was built and connected to a hot / cold water source and existing measurement instrumentation. Data was compiled and the overall exchanger duty as well as overall and individual heat transfer coefficients were computed. 

Basic Utility Vehicle Design

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Highlight

In 2019, A team of Trine students took home the championship trophy at the annual Basic Utility Vehicle Design Competition hosted by the Institute of Affordable Transportation.  It is the first time that Trine has won the event.

The goal of the competition is to provide an opportunity to create a utility vehicle that is capable of pumping water into barrels and transporting them under harsh driving conditions.  Similar vehicles are used in rural and developing countries to help deliver a wide variety of hygienic and agricultural items. The competition occurs at a closed course provided by the University of Cincinnati to determine the functionality and reliability in a realistic situation.


Electrical Engineering

Drone racing initially started as a hobby. However, with advancements in technology, drone racing is rapidly approaching recognition as a worldwide sport. In our project ,“Vesper,” we have addressed the most important component of drone racing, the race course. Unlike other courses, project “Vesper” does not require additional equipment attached to the drone. The course is easy to set up and will display information such as speed, lap time, and race position of each drone. The course will consist of three smart gates. A smart gate has sensors that will detect multiple drones racing at the same time. Each gate is able to identify up to three drones based on their frequency. The gates are able to transfer data to a central location via wireless signal. Project “Vesper” will allow amateurs to host drone races and practice on their own.

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Town of Hamilton Beach Project

Civil Engineering

This project is a fantastic opportunity to create a safe area for visitors to go to the Hamilton Beach area. Proposed was reworking of the parking lot, addition of a restroom area, providing shade at the beach and a safe travel path to the local ice cream shop.

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Scooter-Bicycle & Communication App

Biomedical Engineering

The communication app was coded using Xcode, an iOS software. Emojis were paired with common phrases to augment functional communication. The app home screen displays 22 emojis with a hierarchy option. A hierarchy design allows a new set of buttons to display after an emoji is selected to create complex phrases. Our team pitched the app at the Innovation One Challenge winning 2nd place and the People's Choice Award