2017 Trine HAC Cup

by Fernando Bauzo

This year, over 150 high school students participated in the third annual HAC Cup. Students from local high schools including Angola, Freemont, and Westview, competed in several competitions on Tuesday October 10, 2017. At the end of the day, Westview High School would lift the cup.

The HAC Cup is not just a competition though. There are sessions designed to give students an idea of what college courses are like. They even had the chance to speak with current college students to get their perspective on life in college. Students learned about a variety of subjects from social life to working as a student. Students were also treated to lunch in the cafeteria.

By far the most popular session was “Are you listening?” presented by Dr. Don Jones. Each year, this session has the most sign ups. During this session, Dr. Jones explains the importance of listening, and the different types we use. Students took part in several exercises that showcased how difficult listening can really be.

HAC majors and minors who assisted with the event were Fernando Bauzo, Hunter Wilde, Austin Baker, Shantell Asher, Mycah Houser, Elijah Thiess, Emma Lucas and Michelle Thrasher.

Students are encouraged to participate in this event. There are plenty of valuable lessons for students, and not just for those interested in attending Trine. Please see the gallery below to relive the experience!