Carnegie YA Book Club explores the H.I.V.E.

By:Rebecca Mann

Trine University’s Humanities and Communication students pride themselves on their involvement both on campus and in the community. Below, senior Finance major and Humanities minor Rebecca Mann reflects upon her involvement as a YA Book Club leader at the Carnegie Public Library.

“Life at H.I.V.E. may have its attractions, after all, Otto thought. Friends, as they say, may come and go, but high-powered laser weapons are forever.”

~ H.I.V.E: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education, by Mark Walden

Recently, on March 13, I held a YA book club meeting at the Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County to discuss this month’s book, H.I.V.E: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education, by Mark Walden. Sadly, due to snow and the time change, my regular members were unable to attend. Fortunately, even with the lack of attendance, I was able to learn that H.I.V.E might just be a must-read for young adults.

A couple of days before the book meeting, I had the chance to engage in a small discussion about the book with one of my fellow members. The discussion mostly consisted of questions pertaining to her progress and her feelings toward the plot. I found it important to discuss her progress, as I was concerned she would quit reading the book if she found the first couple of chapters uninteresting. Luckily, that was not the case; my member found the book so entertaining that she finished it within a week. She even went above and beyond by continuing to read further into the series.

“I’m already on book five. I can’t stop!” she told me proudly.

After hearing her strong love for the book and the series as a whole, I couldn’t wait to read my copy. After reading this novel, I have to agree with my member. The book was highly entertaining. The book features a young boy-genius named Otto who suddenly finds himself trapped in a school set on creating future villains. Throughout the book, readers will follow Otto and his friends as they attempt to juggle school life and make plans to escape the institute. Plus, this book is perfect for fans of the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Fans of the musical will enjoy the chance to learn about Violet, the flesh-eating plant.

Now, if H.I.V.E: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education isn’t to your liking, take a look at our next book scheduled for April.

My YA book club is scheduled to meet next month on April 10 at 4:30 pm. We will be discussing our next book, IQ: Independence Hall by Roland Smith. Any questions or comments pertaining to HIVE: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education are also welcome. I hope you will take the chance to read the next book – you may find it even more enjoyable than the last. So stop by for discussion and, of course, free refreshments.