Graphic Design and Digital Photography classes host art show

While there is always value in creating art just for the sake of it, there’s something special about sharing it with the public. That’s exactly what HAC professor Sarah Zimmer’s classes got to do last week.

Zimmer’s Graphic Design and Digital Photography classes staged the second semiannual HAC Art Show. Students from both classes exhibited artwork that included everything from landscape and sports photography, to video essays and interactive exhibits, such as one by Nickolai DeLancey-Christiansen that asked viewers to write on it their definition of the modern man.

The show drew a crowd of students, staff and faculty who poured over the variety of exhibits. Exhibiting were Michelle Thrasher, Kayla Spande, Hannah Rybicki, Juan Rodriguez, Cody Konieczki, Langston Johnson, Georginna Jarratt, Dusty Cowart, Nickolai DeLancey-Christiansen, Fernando Bauzo, Shantell Asher and Nick DeCantis.