Dr. Hopp and Dr. Witte level up to the next rank with promotions

Hopp and Witte

By Clare Danner

Trine University’s Humanities and Communication Department commends Dr. Alison Witte and Dr. Tim Hopp for receiving promotions in rank.

Dr. Witte was promoted from Assistant to Associate Professor and Dr. Hopp was promoted from Associate to Full Professor.

Although we refer to all of our teachers as “professors,” the type of professor a faculty member’s title actually depends upon his or her rank. The hierarchy is as follows: Adjunct → Lecturer → Instructor → Assistant Professor → Associate Professor → Full Professor.

The promotion process begins in the fall and is based upon the number of years a faculty member has worked at Trine, the degree he or she had when hired, and the faculty member’s service to the university – that is, any work a faculty member has done aside from teaching and advising. The faculty member’s teaching is evaluated, and he or she is required to submit a binder with student evaluations and sample teaching materials such as syllabi, assignments, and sample student work. Additionally, prospective candidates must submit letters of recommendation from colleagues, current or former students, and alumni.

Dr. Witte began her employment at Trine in 2013, teaching composition and rhetoric courses, while Dr. Hopp began his employment in 2003 teaching writing, speech, and theater courses. Both will receive raises, new nameplates for their doors, new business cards, and seats closer to the stage at graduation.

Says Dr. Witte, “I’m excited to have been promoted. It’s always great to have the work I do recognized by colleagues.”

If you see Dr. Witte or Dr. Hopp around Taylor Hall, be sure to congratulate them!