Samuelson Student Distinction Award nominations open

There may be no greater honor than one bestowed upon you by your peers. With that in mind, three years ago the Jeanine B. Samuelson Student Distinction Award was christened as a way for students in HAC to honor the best among them.

Now, nominations for 2017 are open on the award’s page. Unlike most awards that are strictly chosen by faculty, this award is guided by nominations from HAC students. While you can’t nominate yourself, any student in HAC is eligible—that includes majors (Communication or PWES/English or English Education) or minors (Communication, English or Humanities).

Based on what’s said in those nominations, HAC faculty then choose the students who best exhibit the key HAC qualities:

  • Teamwork, exhibiting great communication skills
  • Leadership in the classroom and departmental activities
  • Valuing of diversity in the classroom and across campus
  • Commitment to academic excellence
  • Dedication to the HAC department and his or her professional field
  • Excitement and passion in the classroom and departmental activities
  • Ethical behavior and decision-making in and outside of the classroom

Dr. Jeanine B. Samuelson worked at Trine University for over 20 years. In that time, she served primarily as a German instructor, who also taught many sections of speech and developed student trips to Europe as part of the study abroad program. She was beloved by her students as she took a personal interest in their lives, and brought them cookies on Friday afternoons—all the while demanding and receiving academic excellence. For more on Dr. Samuelson, check out the award page.

The past two recipients were Sloan Davis and Ali Falls—both beloved classmates. The deadline for nominations is April 7. So, get your nominations in today!