Surviving Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving! You know, the holiday everyone keeps forgetting about? A time for friends, food and family gathered around the dinner table. Thanksgiving break is that little taste of freedom every college student needs before finals.

So, why am I writing a survival guide for Thanksgiving? That’s because winter is coming. Everyone on campus is rocking the flu like it were the newest bag from Prada. That cousin you hate, the one who stole the Luke Skywalker action figure you got for your birthday, is coming to dinner. To top it all off, you have a Don Jones exam the Monday we get back from break. Holidays are rough. I’m here to help you survive this dreadful season with my top seven tips.

7.Get your flu shot

Unless you have a perfect immune system, you should get the flu shot. You know its spreading. Your roommate’s sniffle turns into an all-out plague. Chances are, you’re next. The only way to survive this winter, without dragons, is to stay ahead of the game.

6.Throw some C's on it

Many of you might not get the reference I just made. That’s ok, I’m a senile old man. The point of this tip is to stock up on vitamin C. See what I did there? I personally like to hoard boxes of Emergen-C. At the first sign of sickness, I like to give my immune system a little boost. C’s fight off disease. (I’m sorry for all the C’s being thrown about, but I think you get the point).

5.Blood is thicker than water

Remember that cousin I talked about earlier? You may hate their guts, but they’re still family. For my freshman, enjoy this time with your family. You may not get these opportunities once you graduate. Besides, a few more years of putting up with your terrible cousin, and you’ll be free.

4.Work, work, work, work, work

If you truly want to enjoy your break, don’t take school home with you. Get your work done before you leave campus. I thought I could handle writing a paper during spring break… I realized that I was wrong. I still got an A on the paper, but it took hours off my break. Don’t make the same mistake. (With rhymes like this, maybe I should become a rapper).

3.Shop till you drop

You’re probably stressed out. I get it. Finals are coming up. You’ve probably disappointed your parents so far this semester (unless you are like me and don’t have that problem). The best way to relieve that stress? Shop until you drop! This is the perfect time to “treat yo self”. Failing your speech class? Buy some shoes. Tech com got you down? Buy that new belt from Louis Vuitton.

2.Study like theres no tomorrow

Now this may sound contradictory to what I said earlier, but you will understand if you have a DJ class. Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to study for you next exam. You have an entire week to cram that study guide into your memory. This is the only time you will get a chance at a B+. Use this time wisely.

1.Eat the break away
At last, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal. Enjoy it while it lasts. Eat to your hearts content. Don’t stress about putting on a few pounds. We are in for a cold winter. It’s best to start working on your “winter bod” now. A little stuffing never killed nobody.

Enjoy the holidays. They are meant to be fun. Just try not to worry about failing your exams on Monday. Safe travels!