Welcome back home, Denise and Sloan

It is weird how a college becomes a home away from home for many students, especially those in the HAC department.

In the case of HAC alumnae Denise Draper and Sloan Davis, it has become a permanent home. Both Draper and Davis graduated from Trine in December 2016 and took jobs elsewhere. Draper moved to Coldwater, MI and took a job at a marketing firm where she was the Ambassador of Buzz and was in charge of social media for multiple companies. Davis went to work for Manchester University’s admissions team. This summer, however, both were given the opportunity to come back to Trine and work for the Marketing and Admissions departments, respectfully.

Draper graduated with a degree in Communication and had an internship in the same office she now works for. One of the deciding factors to come back and work for Trine was that she had the opportunity as an undergraduate to work for the same team. “I knew the people and I enjoyed the atmosphere as an intern,” said Draper. The most helpful class Draper took through the HAC department was Argumentation and Debate with Dr. Jones, because it “Prepared me for a career the most as a whole,” by making Draper think critically and framing how to articulate ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Davis also graduated with a degree in Communication and spent time working in the Admissions Office as a tour guide as an undergraduate. Although Davis had the same position working at Manchester, Admissions Counselor for the state of Michigan, she leaped at the opportunity to return to Trine because she “believes in this school” because “it is headed in the right direction.” For Davis, it is “easier to sell something you believe in” like Trine to potential new students. The class that prepared Davis the most for her position was Intercultural Communication with Dr. Young because it “opened your mind” and made you realize that you “never can escape different cultures.” As a University Admissions Counselor, Davis has to work with people from varied backgrounds, cultures and communities, and being able to understand and empathize with those students is invaluable to her position.

Davis said to “get involved in everything you possibly can.” Davis believes that anyone can be taught a job, but you cannot be taught diversity. “It’s ok to be scared, it’s not ok to be complacent.”

Welcome back to your Trine home, Denise and Sloan!