Cunningham Writing Contest winners go to print

One of the strengths of the Humanities and Communication Department is its willingness to constantly shift and grow. In this case, that growth is into print publications.

The 2017 winners of the Cunningham Writing Contest have had their work included in a new eBook version of Inscriptions, our online literary journal. Now, for the first time, we’re also taking one of our eBooks to print. You can hop over to and order a print version of the book for only $5. The winners from this year’s contest will be provided with a free copy at the awards ceremony in April.

The print version includes all the same pieces as the eBook version, plus a new design for the full color cover. You can still purchase the eBook version through iBooks for free, or for $0.99 through Amazon Kindle. However, if you purchase the print version, you can also purchase the Kindle version for free after using Amazon’s Matchbook service. There is still a free EPUB version available, as well.

Trine HAC Press is the name of our publishing arm and launched a little under a year ago with the anthology Tales from Mythology Spring 2016, collected from Dr. Cassandra Bausman’s mythology class. Since then, two other eBooks have been published. Both, Beyond Hailsham: Insights into Never Let Me Go and Only in Reruns: Insights into The Running Man, are collections of faculty writing about the Freshmen Reading Engagement Experience selections from the past two years.