HAC Has Class: Sports Broadcasting

by: Sonsee Jenkins 

HAC Has Class is a recurring feature spotlighting some of the unique course offerings in the Department of Humanities and Communication.

Trine University offers a considerable range of communication courses, teaching students everything from the fundamentals of public relations to more advanced audio-visual techniques. A new course here at Trine aims to add even more depth to Trine’s already considerable number of exceptional classes.

Sports broadcasters, also known as announcers, can be heard on the television, radio, the internet, or live at any number of events. They share commentary, game analysis, and personal experiences with their viewers. That being said, it takes a lot more than basic knowledge of a sport and a booming voice to become a broadcaster. That’s why aspiring broadcaster Ben Vigliarolo is excited that Trine is offering a sports broadcasting class taught by Professor Geoff Chiles. According to Ben, the course “teaches you how to talk about sports in an effective way to a listening or viewing audience.”

Ben is a communication major who has already had some experience in the broadcasting world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot to learn. Ben says, “In broadcasting you are never done learning.” For Ben, this class makes perfect sense because it is going to help him achieve his dream job, but what about for students who don’t want to be a sports broadcaster? Sports broadcasting also teaches practical life skills. These include broadening your vocabulary and communicating effectively through more than one medium in addition to more subtle skills like improvisation and the ability to meet deadlines. While it is only one course, for students interested in a career in broadcasting, it is yet another tool in the collection they amass during their time with the HAC department. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll see one of Trine’s graduates announcing for ESPN!