Blind Date with a Book

03/04/2019 | By: Meghan Schrader

When that time of year rolls around, we all get ready for special dates, mass amounts of appreciation posts on Instagram, and discount chocolate the day after—it’s Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day, for some of us.

Trine University’s Writing Center has created an event to celebrate this day of love in a fun, and free, way with a ‘Blind Date with a Book!’

The event was held in the Writing Center on Feb. 14 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., a wide selection of romance novels were wrapped and given away for free to any student who showed up. The event had only its second running this year, but was a success with every one of the 50 romance novels finding their way into someone’s heart. The books were collected and wrapped by the Writing Center tutors for four days, and embellished with cheesy pick up lines found online, or invented by the creative tutors. The pick-up lines are a hint to the book underneath the paper, with every topic of romance from weddings, medical, holidays, crime, science fiction, and more.

For one crime romance novel, it’s wrapping read, Group of books to choose from“Somebody call the cops because its got to be illegal to look that good.”

A few science fiction romance novels boasted, “Kiss me if I’m wrong but dinosaurs still exist right?” and “Are you a volcano? Because I lava you.”

The pick-up lines were new this year and a huge success by leaving students giggling and laughing over the outrageous quotes and sharing them with friends.

The event got started during a casual conversation between Dr. Cassandra Bausman (Writing Center Directer), and Rebecca Mannn (Writing Center Coordinator and Lab Instructor).

Rebecca works part time at Carnegie Library in Angola and had seen them host a similar event, but the idea and implementation of the event was very spur of the moment.

“In the past, we have had cases and cases and cases of romance novels left over from Book Night that we’re like, ‘What are we going to do with these?’ Two birds, one stone: let’s give them away in a fun way,” Bausman said, adding that this year the book donations for the event came directly from faculty and staff.

“It was just a fun event for Trine students to come and check out the Writing Center,” Rebecca stated, “Our events are to [promote the Writing Center] and, plus, they’re fun for the students. We basically just want something for the students to enjoy, something outside of coursework, because sometimes you just need to take a break, and honestly, it helps a little bit with advertisement. We like to show that we’re still here, we’re still a resource for students.”

The Writing Center and its staff strive to promote and encourage reading among Trine’s students, knowing how difficult it can be to read with our busy schedules.

“[You] don’t have a lot of time to read when you’re students because you have to spend what time you have reading for class, but if it’s a holiday and you can get a book—and even if it’s a book that you might not want to read at first glance—if it’s wrapped up and it’s sort of special and it’s a joke and a tease, you get interested,” Bausman said. She also remarked that the event, though geared towards fun and celebration, is also professional development for Rebecca, giving her experience she can use going forward in her career.

“And who doesn’t like to wrap and look up really cheesy pick up lines,” Rebecca added.

“Not everyone’s going to be able to have a traditional Valentine’s Day, but everyone can come get a book,” Bausman said.

When making plans for next year’s Single Awareness Day, make sure to stop by the Writing Center for a free Blind Date with a Book whose pick-up lines are sure to capture your heart.