HAC Is Where It's At!

03/26/19  |  By: Anna Petersen

Choosing a major is hard enough, let alone sticking with your first choice. Whatever your reasoning might be, know that change is not bad. Just like any department, the Humanities and Communication departments are full of individuals who come from a variety of different majors.

 After speaking with two fellow HAC students who came from two totally different majors, its apparent that both students couldn’t be more satisfied with their change of path. 

Believe it or not Mycah Houser, a senior English and communication double major, was initially an accounting major. She said it only took her one semester to realize it was not the path for her. Although she always got good grades in her accounting courses, Mycah felt her creativity was dying.

According to Mycah, “I have always loved writing and reading but never saw it as a “real” job—silly mistake on my part. After transferring to HAC, I now know I can use the skills I enjoy to have a lasting professional career.” 

What Mycah likes most about the HAC department is the camaraderie. “It is a smaller department, so you get to know the Professors on a personal level. They have a lot of interest in your life, goals, and success, and therefore make you feel very supported,” she said. 

Jarod Davis, junior communication major, initially enrolled at Trine for engineering. He spent the first three semesters of his college career as a mechanical engineer major; during the spring semester of his sophomore year he changed to civil engineering. Jarod soon realized that engineering was not what he was most passionate about.

“Engineering was not right for me because it wasn’t something I was doing for myself,” Jarod claims. “I was doing it for the money. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing and dreading every day of it. In high school, I had a background in speech and theatre and I missed that.”

Jarod for one, loves the transition he has undergone this past year. He not only likes the coursework better, he also claims “I feel like I can be myself here and I really enjoy all the professors.” For Jarod, this field of study is a much better fit, “the power [that] communication has is amazing, and I’m happy to be learning about it.” 

Overall, changing majors is a huge commitment, but change is not bad. Still unsure? Take it from Mycah: “After nearing the end of my undergraduate career, I can safely say that switching from accounting to HAC was the best choice I have ever made.”