Humanities Symposiums

By: James Purkey 

It’s that time of the year where Trine University’s Symposiums are starting back up. If you don’t know what the symposiums are, they are a series of talks that discuss the hot topics or current research that is being discussed in the humanities. It’s a multimedia presentation that has both a speaker and visuals to discuss the interesting word on the street that flows among the corridors and alley ways of the world of humanities. 

Humanities Symposium

These symposiums typically last about an hour long, with a 30/40-minute presentation followed by a discussion and question period for listeners to pick the speakers minds about the topic at hand. All of these events are located in Wells Theater and take place on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. on specified dates.

As for the dates and topics of the symposiums, they start with Professor Olding and for her talk she will be discussing the 20th Century Boy: How Marc Bolan Founded Glam. So, if you have interest in music and are interested to hear about how music has done so much more then provide a sound for the ears, stop by Wells Theater at 3:30 next Tuesday, Sept. 24 and listen to what Christine Olding has to say. 

As for the rest of the events they can be seen on the following dates: Oct. 8 with Professor Goddard – “What you See is Not What you Get”, Oct. 29 with Ana Boman – La Catrina: Mexico’s grande dame of death: Day of the dead, and a final symposium falling on Dec. 3 with Patrick Ridout on a topic that is still to be released, but will involve comics and graphic novels.

Don’t forget that these symposiums are Chat credited, so if you need to get those finished before you graduate make sure to save the date. If you’re not worried about Chat Credits these symposiums are a great way to expand your knowledge and learn more about the humanities, and what is going on in current topics and research.