New Spaces

By: James Purkey

Welcome back Trine University! The semester has begun, and things have started rolling. Trine as a school had quite the busy summer that included a lot of new editions and remodels to the ever-growing campus. While everyone was away, there was the edition of a new Psychology Lab as well as the move and remodeling of the Writing Center and the Mac Lab. All these new editions have improved campus and are providing students with a great opportunity to enhance their learning experiences as well as get the most out of their education. 

The move of the Mac Lab has provided the students with not only more computers, but new, updated Mac computers fully loaded with Adobe products. This allows students the opportunity to enhance their creative side and use the latest software in today’s industry.

Another big change that took place over the summer was the Writing Center, now named the Amy Salyer-Nicholls Writing Center. It can now be found within the Link. As for new editions to the Writing Center, there is now an online submission feature allowing students the opportunity to get the help they need without physically going to the Center. For more information, stop by the Writing Center or check out the newly published article that covers the Writing Center and its new space.

Just like the Writing Center, the Math Center also took a move over the summer. It can now be located in Shambaugh 201. This Math Center is another great resource for individuals who need help in math. So, don’t struggle alone. Stop by with any questions and get the help you need. If you have questions about the math center, or just want more information, you can reach out to Dr. Kazi, or any math professor via email, or stop by their office to find out more.

On top of these moves and changes, another new addition that has been made is the installation of the Psych Lab. It now provides the students with new immersive and hands on learning experiences when working with the psychology field. The lab provides many new opportunities for students to come together in a conference style room that allows the students the capability to conduct small, in-class experiments as well dissect and talk about today’s current topics in the psychology field. On top of it being a fresh new environment for students to work out psychological cases as well as conduct experiments, it also introduces new and unique tools that can analyze the brain waves of an individual. Although some of these new gadgets are in the works, many of those tools as well as others are to be up to their full capacity by the start of next semester. 

“One of the main purposes of the Psych Lab is to be a way to bring health and psychology together, because of their link in mind and body,” Professor Blaz of the Department of Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Social Sciences said. As the psych lab grows and develops, its end goal is to bring together the connection between the health fields and psychology and the major connection they hold. If you haven’t seen the new lab, stop by Best Hall 204B and have a look at the new learning environment.   

Trine University has put in a lot of work over the summer to provide the student body with new and improved opportunities to continue to better their work. Stop by these places and check them out to see the new opportunities of learning that lay ahead of you!