How to Write a Love Poem

By: Meghan Schrader

As Valentines Day approaches, we are faced with the question of what to get that special someone to express our feelings. With countless options of jewelry, candy, flowers, restaurants, and more, it’s hard to know what is the right style and amount, what’s too much or too little; not to mention doing so on the struggling, and sometimes broke, college student budget.Valentines Day

We scroll through endless websites looking for the perfect idea, the perfect gift that fits your sweethearts personality and tastes while simultaneously capturing just where you are in your relationship. Something we fail to realize that what contains all those things is already inside us: our words, but how does one translate those feelings into something meaningful?

We do what all hopeless romantics and lovestruck fools have been doing to win hearts and woo their significant others since the beginning of the written word: write a poem. It’s not nearly as cheesy nor as daunting as it sounds. Like I said, it’s already inside of you.

To begin, brainstorm ideas for your poem. Write down any and all words that come to mind when you think of that special someone, verbs, nouns, adjectives, all of them. Additionally, you can focus on a memory or experience you share with them. Everyone loves a little bit of nostalgia. For example, the first time you met them or your first date. Think about the emotions associated with this experience: how you felt in that moment and where you were or your surroundings. Use sensory description: taste, touch, smell, sound, etc. The little things matter, so don’t leave them out.

Comparison is a great thing to include. If you’re writing someone a poem, they’ve most likely had a big impact on your life. Talk about those impactful things. Use metaphors and similes to capture their description and what they mean to you.

When choosing a form for a poem like this, remember rhyme schemes and patterns aren’t the main focus, but the most popular form for love poems are sonnet and free-verse. Often the sing-song rhyming can distract the reader instead of drawing their attention to the actual words. For a love poem, it’s about what you say, not how you say it.

When it comes to tone, don’t worry about making the poem sound romantic. Writing is often a way to say things that are a little harder to say to someone in person. Just be yourself, and if you and your special someone are new to your relationship, or just not quite there yet, use humor and wit to avoid being overly sentimental and sappy. Keep it light by including funny moments or lines.

No matter who it’s to, how long you’ve been together, or if you’re hoping this poem will be the thing to finally win their heart, you can never go wrong with a poem on Valentines Day. Besides, flowers die, fancy dinners and jewelry are expensive, and the “freshmen fifteen” all of us are stressed about makes candy a little…iffy.