Elect the Next Jeanine Samuelson Student Distinction Award

3/15/19 | By: Lacie Piekarski

Calling for all Humanities and Communication student submissions for the Jeanine Samuelson Student Distinction Award.

The honor of the award is boasted upon one student each year. The award is given to an honorable student chosen by their peers that best exhibits key qualities and instrumentals of a successful humanities and communication student.

When electing a student to nominate, think about how the student has made an impact on you, your peers, and the department. Does this student demonstrate teamwork and leadership? Is the passion for excellence both inside and outside of the classroom present? Does the individual possess the quality of character a HAC major or minor should have? How does this student show exoplanetary behavior and diversity inclusiveness? What is the nature of their personality shown in and outside of the classroom?

HAC majors and minors of all ages and grade levels are eligible for the award. Majors include Communications, PWES/English, and English Education. Minors include Humanities, English, and Communications.

The lucky student will be determined by faculty with consideration of the number of nominations a student received and the quality of the nomination letter.

History dates back to Dr. Jeanine Samuelson, who served at Trine University for 20 years. In the time she worked at the University, she served primarily as a German instructor, where she taught many sections of speech and developed student trips to Europe as part of the study abroad program. She was beloved by her students as she took a personal interest in their lives and brought them cookies on Friday afternoons in return for academic excellence. Samuelson remains active with the department.

Nominations for the 2019 Jeanine Samuelson Award are open. Deadline to submit a deserving student is Friday, March 15 by 5 pm. To enter, write a one to two page essay explaining why this student deserves to be recognized by his/her fellow students. All applicants can be sent to Jeanette Goddard and Cc Chandra Vanaken.