Spotlight on Kim Rentz

By: Brandi Wilson

The Jannen School of Arts and Sciences welcomes Professor Kim Rentz to Trine University’s staff. Rentz is from Shawnee, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. After living there, she decided to attend Kansas State University to get her bachelor’s degree in Biological and Agricultural engineering. While she was there, Rentz had a secondary major in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. After attending four years at Kansas State University, Rentz attended the University of Iowa and got her master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

While living in Washington State, Rentz’s husband got a job here at Trine University as a professor. They both moved to Indiana, and shortly after, Rentz got the opportunity to become a professor at Trine alongside her husband. Professor Rentz currently teaches College Physics and Statistics. During her future years of teaching, she hopes to change the way her students think about the classes she teaches.

“The ultimate goal would be for everyone to realize that physics isn’t scary and that we are all capable of doing it,” Rentz said. Besides academics, Rentz enjoys being outside as well. This past summer, Rentz, along with her sister, walked Hadrian's Wall located in England. It is an old Roman wall that borders England and Scotland. Her favorite part was the beautiful sunset she got to see while she was there. 

“My sister and I went to Stone Hinge and watched the sunrise on the summer solstice.” Rentz said. 

Professor Rentz is looking forward to bettering the students at Trine in her area of study and trying to make learning more enjoyable. For more information on Professor Kim Rentz, feel free to contact her at