Spring Career Fair

By: Jarod Davis

The annual Spring All Majors Career Fair has been rescheduled for Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

Trine University regurally hosts career fairs, each one provides students with the opportunity to network and connect with businesses. However, with Trine being a school focused primarily on engineering, it begs the question: how do HAC majors interact at a primarily focused engineering career fair? This is an ALL major career fair, but surely there will be more engineering businesses in general. We here on the HAC media team decided to speak with both Dr. Jeanette Goddard and Rebecca Sullivan regarding HAC students and attending the career fair. How should a HAC student approach an engineering recruiter? How should my resume look? These questions and many more will be answered.

We first met with Dr. Goddard, the chair of the HAC department, on how HAC students should approach the upcoming career fair. Dr. Goddard mentions that every organization needs someone to communicate for them.

“Every organization needs someone who can communicate verbally, communicate in writing, whether internally or with clients. The bigger the company, the more they need that sort of thing,” Goddard said.

She recommends that when approaching an engineering company, it’s important to introduce yourself and your major. It’s fine to approach them with a major they are not seeking. Always make sure to dress professional, as well as ask them about the company they work for and what sets them apart from their competition.

If it’s an organization you’re interested in, Dr. Goddard recommends to ask, “Who may I talk to, to get more information?”

From personal experience, Dr. Goddard recommends that students should know the company that you may be interviewed for. Knowing the company can set you apart from other candidates and make you stand out.

“You really stand out when candidates have done the homework,” Goddard said.

Shifting gears, we also talked to Rebecca Sullivan, the Employment Specialist for Jannen School of Arts and Sciences and Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences. She had fantastic advice for us and was kind enough to talk with her co-workers on getting us the best information for our department. Below is a summary of the information we talked about during our interview with her. 

What does the Career Center do to assist smaller programs within the school of Jannen?

  • Students received, by email, a list of attending employers sorted by majors being recruited
  • Career Center held events leading up to the career fair such as resume critiques and Career Fair Prep 101

How should a student approach companies that may not be advertising your major?

  • Every company has an HR department even if it is an engineering company, mortgage company, hospital, etc.
  • Some companies have health clinics for employees, payroll or marketing departments, etc. Do not be afraid to approach companies that you are unsure of. Career Fairs are a great place to explore different companies and learn new things.
  • Practice your introduction with a company you are not interested in, in order to relieve your nerves and get comfortable.

General Prep advice specifically for communicans and English majors?

  • Practice introducing yourself in the mirror and with friends.
  • Be confident and speak clear. As a communications and English major your verbal and written communication skills should be polished.
  • Attend career fairs and career center events when you are an underclassman to gain experience. You do not want your first career fair to be your senior year.
  • Collect the business cards of the companies you speak with. Write them a thank you email after the career fair.


  • In creative industries such as English or communication, add a conservative pop of color such as navy blue, or burgundy, to your resume headings. This can help you stand out from other candidates.
  • Add social media platforms you are proficient in. This may seem insignificant but as younger generations enter an age diverse workforce; this can help set you a part.

Open advising hours

  • Every Tuesday from 1-3pm in the Laker Lounge, Best Hall.
  • Students can always drop by Rebecca Sullivans office which is on the second floor of the UC in the Career Center (Always free coffee and massage chairs)
  • Schedule an appointment https://calendly.com/sullivanr

I personally cannot stress how useful it is to schedule an appointment. There is a surprising amount of advice and improvements that can be made to your resumes and cover letters. For anyone needing help preparing for the upcoming career fair, get in contact and get involved.

We want to thank Dr. Jeanette Goddard and Rebecca Sullivan for taking the time to talk to us. There is a lot of knowledge that they offered us that will hopefully help you in the employment process. Never forget to reach out and ask for help if you’re hesitant about your ability at the career fair. There is a lot of opportunity for any majors and taking that first step forward can make all the difference.