Student in the Spotlight: Madison Sanderson

By: Meghan Schrader, Executive Editor 

Our team had the opportunity of interviewing senior communication major, Madison Sanderson, about her exciting summer internship with the Indiana Republican Party. Maddi completed the Indianapolis-based internship in the summer of 2019. After originally applying for a position in their communication department, Maddi was offered the opportunity to try her hand in their fundraising and finance department.

“I kind of jumped into the opportunity with both feet not knowing exactly what was going to happen and the experience just worked out so well,” Maddi said. Maddi stepped out of her comfort zone with this internship, living in a new city with new roommates and working a job in a new field, but it paid off for her.

Madison Sanderson


“I was able to take some of my interests, my experiences, and combine them with the communication skills that Ive gained the past couple of years and really just grow professionally and personally throughout the summer and throughout the internship,” Maddi said. The internship offered a variety of experiences and responsibilities for Maddi. She assisted in planning and coordinating events and fundraisers, doing community outreach and donor relations, and many other tasks which helped to expand her professional skillset. 

Upon graduation this spring, Maddi will be rejoining the Indiana Republican Party in a full time position with their fundraising and finance committee. She will be involved with an array of exciting projects, such as a national convention taking place in November. 

Maddi originally began her journey at Trine as a pre-med major, soon changing to a pro-law major, and then finally finding her home in the communications department. Maddi remarked that the communications department showed her how she could combine her experiences and interests into a fulfilling career path. The diverse department has exposed Maddi to a wide array of view points through her professors and peers and has allowed her to both expand and narrow down her own beliefs. 

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