Math Colloquium covers the Fibonacci Sequence

10/2/19 | By: Jarod Davis

Trine University’s Math Colloquium continues Thursday, Oct. 3 in Wells Theater with “The Fibonacci Sequence: What is it? Why Should We Care?”  The presentation will start at 3:30pm.

The Math Colloquiums are presented by Trine’s Department of Mathematics. Each Colloquium will be held the first Thursday of every month in Wells Theater. These Colloquiums will also continue on into the spring semester.

Dr. Anthony Vasaturo, from Trine University's Mathematics department, will be presenting “The Fibonacci Sequence.” The presentation will start with an introduction of the Fibonacci Sequence, followed by the most interesting mathematical results and proprieties of the sequence. The final part of the presentation will focus on how the Fibonacci Sequence pops up in nature and economics. Dr. Vasaturo notes that the Fibonacci Sequence is a topic that doesn’t require a lot of education to understand.


“You’ve got this topic where it’s really accessible and interesting to different audiences,” he continued, “There’s not many topics like that.”

Math colloquiums are brand new to Trine University. The purpose of the math colloquiums is to expose students to math outside of their classrooms. Dr. Daniel Dobbs is the organizer of the colloquiums and he hopes students will walk away with new perspectives on math.

“The impression is that math is very dry, very academic, and only good for engineering,” he continued, “Math is one of the original liberal arts, people don’t think math as a liberal art because it’s very sciency. That’s the magic of math, it’s this language that we use to describe what’s going on in the universe.”

For more information about the Math Colloquium, contact Dr. Daniel Dobbs at