New Year, New Writing Center

By: Jorge Quintana 

The new Writing Center, now known as the Amy Salyer-Nicholls Writing Center, opened for the first time this semester on August 27. This new Writing Center also welcomes a new director, Dr. Christine Olding. Dr. Olding is a Humanities and Communications professor at Trine University, and has had experience with writing centers before and has a passion for teaching writing.

“I worked at Kent State as the Assistant Writing Director,” Olding said, “And when I was a master’s student at the University of Dayton, I was a graduate tutor.” Dr. Olding also went on to discuss the reasons she enjoys being a part of writing centers. 

“I really enjoy working with a student population outside of a classroom,” Olding said, “It gives me a different perspective of the lives that they lead, the passions that they have, and different ways that we can help them.” With a new director, the Amy Salyer-Nicholls Writing Center is also in a new location this fall. After their year in Shambaugh Hall, they have moved into the LINK to provide better access and convenience to students. This move has seen more students visit the Writing Center.

“…so far we have seen more students than we would have if we were in Shambaugh [Hall] still,” Olding said, “We have a wonderful new space that is directly connected to the library, which I think will bring a lot of new students in here.”

The Amy Salyer-Nicholls Writing Center is located on the first floor of the LINK, in what was previously the Student Activities Office. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10a.m. to 3p.m. There are a multitude of tutors that specialize in various subjects, such as technical communication, social sciences, business writing, etc. 

Another new addition to the Writing Center is the introduction of e-tutoring appointments. Students will no longer be required to physically go into the Writing Center to receive help. E-tutoring appointments will connect students to a tutor online. 

“The e-tutoring appointments are a way for students to make appointments, get the guidance and support they need, even if they are unable to physically come into the center, or if they feel too embarrassed to come to the Writing Center,” Olding said, “It provides them that outlet, so they can still do it, but without letting anybody know.” E-tutoring appointments are available on the, along with regularly scheduled appointments. 

The final new addition to the Writing Center are workshops. These are dedicated to improving writing skills in all Trine students. These workshops will work to improve fundamental skills in writing. That will in turn improve confidence in writing regardless of major.