How To Get The Best College Experience During Covid-19

By: Noah Swift 

Most of us can agree that things are rather strange at the moment, especially on college campuses. We are all working together to ensure that we can make this the best experience possible during these strange times with the COVID-19 pandemic running through all of our lives. We are all adapting to these new social norms, which include social distancing, quarantining, wearing masks, and remaining aware of the new social guidelines that have been put in place.

However, during these new social norms, we have all found ourselves wondering what kinds of activities and events we can do around campus to still have the best college experience possible. And we have some suggestions to help you with that!

Participate in Virtual Events

There are many opportunities to attend virtual events through your college campus or outside resources. They are a great way to provide entertainment, as well as information on many topics, so you can find some that interest you!

How do you find or join virtual events? There are many websites and resources that you can access in order to find these virtual events for you to join. Here at Trine University, many online virtual events are available and announced through your email from Trine Student Activities throughout the year. So, look out for those to find ones that interest you!

If you are looking for more information and events through Trine University, you can access Trine’s Student Success and Engagement page on Instagram - @trine_sse. Some upcoming virtual events include many P2 lecture topics throughout the year. Be on the lookout for many other virtual and non-virtual events advertised by way of Trine campus activities app, email, and social media!

Another great option is to go online at Eventbrite offers hundreds of virtual events that cover many different topics, so you can browse and find ones that interest you.

Spend Time with Your Roommates

With these new social guidelines, you may find yourself with a little more time on your hands. We may find ourselves spending more time in our rooms as well, so this is a great time to bond with your roommates! Find ways to get to know them better and bring everyone closer together. Some activities you can do as a room include board games, card games, or even creating some art. Other good options include having a movie night, or even ordering food. You all deserve a little treat. There are many different options and activities you can do as a room in order to bring you and your roommates together, so find something you can all enjoy!

Have a Coffee/Food Date

One thing that you and your friends might have in common is a love for food and coffee! Perhaps schedule a date and time to come together and enjoy a coffee or food date inside, or even outside when the weather's nice.  Here at Trine University, there are plenty of open spots for you to enjoy the weather outside and relax over some snacks. Some great spots around campus include the Centennial Station, located beneath the Admissions Office, and outside the cafeteria doors in front of the University Center. Both places have seating and tables available for you to sit, relax, and enjoy some sun to help relieve any stress you might have. So, grab some friends, and enjoy some good food and drinks!

Movie Nights

Whether it’s on campus or elsewhere, a great activity for you or some friends can be a movie night! Here at Trine University, we have a great partnership with the Brokaw Movie House located in the Angola circle. We collaborate to put together a free movie Monday for all Trine students to enjoy; just sign in at the Brokaw and you are good to go! The upcoming shows that are listed on their website include “Shrek” and “Wonder Woman” throughout the week. Other options include going to your campus library and renting out a good movie for you all to enjoy, and there is always Netflix, Hulu, and other options available as well. Grab some popcorn, snacks, and friends, and enjoy the show!

Enjoy Some Nature

A great way to destress and get some fresh air is to get outside, whether it be on campus or off. Here in Angola, we have plenty of great places to relax and enjoy the outdoors, including lakes, trails, and Pokagon State Park. Pokagon State Park is located in Fremont, Indiana just off of I-69, so it is not too far from Trine University. Pokagon State Park offers many fun activities including trails, lakes, and events that they hold throughout the year. Check their website to see what all they have to offer! If you are a Trine Student, admission to certain places at the park is free, whereas other places cost $7 per vehicle for Indiana licenses, and $9 for out of state licenses. It is a great place to relax and have some fun!

Whether it be on campus or off, there are many different activities and events that you can find to make your college experience the best possible during COVID-19. Find some ideas and check out your campus or local newsletters to find some fun things that might interest you! Keep up to date with Trine University and the HAC Media Team for more suggestions on how to make your college experience the best it can be!