How to Ace Your Finals in a Stressful Time

By: Noah Swift

Finals week is just around the corner, and they are something that no one is really excited about. We already live in a stressful time and we have so many other things to worry about, but take a breath, you’ll do great. We have some tips that can help you ace these finals in such stressful times, so lean back, de-stress, and relax. You got this! 

Unplug from Social Media 

The first tip that you can do to really destress before finals is to unplug from social media for a little bit. Social media can cause some unnecessary stress that you really don’t need before taking a final. Taking a break from social media can improve your overall mind and well-being, especially for a stressful week. Throughout the day, you can meet some friends and take social breaks instead of Instagram or Snapchat breaks. Try to put the phone down at night and get some refreshing sleep so you are ready to go the next day! 

Get Some Good Rest

You may have so many projects and preparations to do for finals week, and what better than to be relaxed and ready to go for the following day. Get some good sleep at night and try not to stay up too late. Your mind needs to rest! Instead of staying up playing games or scrolling through your phone at night, lay back, relax, and get your mind ready for a productive day ahead. 

Get Creative 

Some of our first thoughts when we take a break from studying is to pick up our phones and see what's going on, and that's good! To a certain point. A great stress-reliever is to switch it up a bit and get creative. Try a different way to relax such as reading a good book, drawing, and even painting. You could even write some poetry! Doing something a little different can really get your mind off things and give it a little bit of a break. 

Get Outside 

Especially with this beautiful, but odd, November weather, try to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Doing some exercise can be a huge stress reliever for you, so you could go on a run or go for a walk, whatever works for you! Leaving a study environment can be a huge relief and can help your mind refocus. 

Time Management 

If you find yourself all over the place and stressed about getting stuff done, relax and take a step back. Time management can be a huge relief of stress, so try to figure out a system that really works for you. A big way that you can destress is to utilize a checklist or a to-do list. Reorganizing your tasks and creating a time management plan can help refocus your tasks, as well as your mind. 

These are just some of the ways that you can help destress from a stressful environment for your finals. Try to find something that works best for you! Remember, you got this, so let's all refocus our minds and finish out this semester strong!