Meet Malachi Burden!

By: Noah Swift

Malachi is a senior this year at Trine and is already on the startup in his new career, which is English Secondary Education with a minor in psychology. Malachi is currently working as a student teacher at Carroll Middle School in Fort Wayne, IN. 

Born and raised in Ft. Wayne, Malachi moved to Leo-Cedarville around 2013. Why did Malachi choose Trine out of all places? Malchi was inspired by both Amy Nichols and Justin Bock to attend Trine over his other choice, which was IU Bloomington, and we hope that he has gained the skills necessary to complete his future career. 

When he is not student teaching at Carroll Middle School, you can find Malachi on a golf course, drinking coffee, or taking some great pictures since he is a big photography fan with some great work! Check out his social media for some great content!

Some advice that Malachi would give to other Trine Students is “to prepare for the future, learn from the past, and embrace the present. Also spend more time with family and friends than online, and always keep learning and reading.” Malachi has enjoyed his time at Carroll Middle School and is excited to get into his new career!