Trine University’s Saturday Night Events

By: Noah Swift

This year at Trine University, students are striving to get their college experiences. However, their experiences look a little different this year compared to past years, but Trine University is finding ways to make it work. 

Due to these uncertain times that we are all experiencing, Trine University still wants students to get the full college experience no matter what obstacles are in their way. The University has come up with the idea of hosting Saturday Night Activities that are open to all students on campus. We asked Christian Jones of Trine’s Student Activities about these activities and how they made it work.

“With all of these uncertain times, we want our students to be able to get out of their dorm room and have fun in a safe environment,” Jones stated, “Masks are required for the event, just like everything else, but we truly believe these events will help students engage with each other in a way that traditional class can’t.” 

One of Trine’s main goals for their students is that they have the ability to get involved with the campus activities that they host. By hosting these events, Trine is hoping that it will get people out of their rooms to meet new people and get the full college experience. 

Some recent Saturday Night Activities that were hosted include the Angola Bowl Night and the Campus Carnival that was hosted in Hershey Hall on campus. Angola Bowl Night offered free bowling as well as free pizza from 9-12 p.m. and looked to be quite popular by the turnout. The Carnival that was hosted just this past weekend included fun carnival games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, a ring toss, and even archery tag. Food was also provided to all who went to the event. 

The next Saturday Night Activity is Saturday, September 20th, and it will include the Late-Night Tailgate at the Reiners/Stadium parking lot on campus. Grab some friends and enjoy some tailgating and some food!

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